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How to Apply for Extra Help Employment

Online Application

Instructions to Complete the Online Application (PDF)

Extra Help employees are hired to complete temporary assignments in areas that involve maintenance, professional, service, secretarial, accounting and information technology related responsibilities. Hiring of clerical positions is processed through Extra Help Services in the Staff Human Resources office. Hiring of non-clerical positions is processed directly through individual departments. However, the same electronic application is used for both. It is up to you to make the necessary contacts once your application has been submitted.

Extra Help employees are required by State Universities Civil Service System rules to take a 30-calendar day break after working 900 hours. At the end of the 30-day period, you may begin another 900-hour employment cycle. Since Extra Help employees work in temporary/as-needed assignments, there are no benefits associated with this form of employment at the University of Illinois.

If you are interested in Clerical Extra Help, call the Extra Help Office at 333-4752 to schedule a typing assessment and information session.

If you are interested in Non-Clerical Extra Help, you will need to contact individual departments of interest and inquire about possible opportunities. You can pick up a list of department contacts from the Staff Human Resources office.

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