IHR Emails

Under each Functional Area below you will find the emails and descriptions of why to contact this area within Illinois Human Resources.

Illinois Human Resources

This email is for general questions when you aren't sure where to ask a question.


Classification and Compensation

IHR Classification Administration
Evaluating and classifying staff positions under the State Universities Civil Service System.
IHR Compensation
Establish and implement policies and procedures related to compensation for Academic and Civil Service staff.


Faculty/Staff Assistance Services

Counseling, coaching, and consultation services for employees, retirees, and household members.


Labor & Employee Relations

Communications about the application and interpretation of employment-related policies, statutes, and collective bargaining agreements, performance management, employee discipline, SURS disability, labor negotiations, and grievances.


Policy & Administration

Communications about academic retiree rehire appointments. 
Communications about Civil Service/Extra Help retiree rehire appointments.   
Communications related to E-Verify and I-9s. 
Communications about notice of nonreappointments. 
Communications about sabbaticals. 
Communications about Urbana personnel appointments requiring BOT approval. 

Processing and Records

IHR Records
Employment Verifications and general Records Administration and Appointment Processing questions.


Strategic Initiatives

Employee Development and Learning
Training resource for employees, supervisors, and managers.
Campus Wellbeing Services
Tools and Resources for better health.


Talent Acquisition

IHR Talent Acquisition
Permanent employment of staff, Civil Service testing, campus wide background check program and administration of the reduction in the labor force rules.
Extra Help
Provides campus departments with skilled employees for temporary needs.