Academic Employees

Payroll & Benefits


The Payroll Services office facilitates the accurate and timely payment of employees on each of the three campuses. The offices also manage payroll schedules, earnings, deductions, taxes, and time reporting.

Viewing Earnings Statements
An Earnings Statement is generated for each pay event (also known as a Pay CALC) which displays an employee’s gross pay, net pay, and all deductions taken from their paycheck.

Updating Direct Deposit Information
If an employee is enrolled in Direct Deposit, each paycheck is deposited into their checking or savings account automatically.

Updating W-4 Information
The W-4 is a federal document listing the federal and state tax exemptions the employee is currently claiming.

Sign Up for Electronic W-2 Form
Once signed up, an employee may also view current and previous years’ W-2 forms online.

Changing/Accessing Personal Information
Name Changes
An employee’s name in the university’s payroll system must match the name on his/her Social Security Card. Therefore, employees who wish to request a name change must submit their SSN card to their home unit for verification. The home unit will then submit the name change electronically to AHR.

Updates to Home/Office Address and Phone Number
Employees may use System HR Service’s Employment Information Form in order to update his/her address and phone information in the university’s payroll system. However, other associated agencies will need to know about any change of information as well. Please visit the Instructions to Update Name, Address, and Phone Number page for additional information.

Changes to Social Security Numbers (SSN)
An employee needing to change his/her Social Security Number should bring his/her SSN card to his/her home unit for verification. The home unit will then submit the SSN change electronically to AHR.

Updates to Employee Information Form (EIF)
Each employee’s Employment Information Form contains a variety of personal information that employees may view or update at any time.

Updates to Loan Default Form
Employees are required to disclose to the university if they have ever been default on a student loan. Employees are also required to complete this form whenever changing from being a student to an academic employee.

University Benefits Eligibility
Academic Hourly employees are not benefits eligible.