About Us

About Us Multi-Media Project Description

About Us…is an effort to reconnect us as a community, in response to an existing need for physical distance. As we return to the workplace alongside our colleagues, we simultaneously face our collective fears. This project’s purpose is to encourage a basic human response to a shared fear…to look to each other for support and encouragement. By choosing to lean-in, we choose to not face fear alone.

As a result, our collective behavior creates mutual trust. Trust in each other turns collective behavior into cohesive behavior. Over time, cohesion creates interdependence . Essentially, our shared fears have the potential to strengthen the group by encouraging mutual reliance.

Conversely, blame creates division at a time when we can least afford to be divided. We have historically survived collective trauma by creating a reality that empowers us to believe that together, we can do so much more than any of us can do alone. And don’t you think it’s time we find out how good we are when we were all on the same side?

About Us aims to foster mutual trust in each other in a way that encourages collective behavior to become cohesive, in the face of this virus. We stand together. We push back. We don’t need this virus…it needs us.

So share with each other what we have learned from our experience thus far. Your adjustments, your insights, your observations, your humor…your resilience. Make this about who we are and where we’ve been. Make this journey About Us.

How to Submit Information to FSAS

If you would like to send FSAS your personal experiences in connection with the upcoming themes by way of photos, videos, paintings, drawings, quotes, or memes; feel free to do so.

Submisions should be sent to our email at FSAS@illinois.edu for review. Each week we will focus on a new theme and will be introduced the week before. If you have a great idea for a theme feel free to email us that as well.

Awareness Month Videos and Resources
Monthly emails with information related to an awareness topic for the current month will be sent out campus wide. Faculty/Staff Assistance Services counselors will post videos introducing the awareness month along with inspiring messages for each week. The IHR Twitter account will also be a part of this project, spotlighting its content. Click here to visit this page.

Videos Made by FSAS Counselors