HR Systems

For user access to the following University HR/Payroll Systems, see your Unit Security Contact.

Adjustment Notification Application

Adjustment Notification Application (used for initiating overpayment adjustments, pay stops, leave balance updates for civil service employees, employee reward payments and taxable benefit payments)

Adjustment Notification Application (ANA) Guide

ANA Frequently Asked Questions


Banner Administrative Forms
HireTouch Administrative Application

HireTouch Administrative Application (an administrative system used for filling a vacancy, requesting promotions, updating PAPES, initiating Background checks, and reviewing candidate application materials)

HireTouch Job Aids

HireTouch for Academic Hourlies - Job Aid (PDF)

PAPE Job Aid (PDF)

Civil Service Reclassification Job Aid (PDF)

Civil Service Employee Requisition Job Aid (PDF)

Human Resources Front End

Human Resources Front End (an interface for performing select HR transactions using a routing and approval process before applying to Banner)

HR Front End Transaction Tips

HR Front End College Contacts

HR Department Contacts

HR Front End Profiles and Online Course Requirements

Payroll Adjustment Request Interface System (PARIS)

Payroll Adjustment Request Interface System (PARIS)
(used for initiating current pay period time corrections)

PARIS Resource Page

Retiree Rehire Form

Retiree Rehire Form (online proposal form to initiate and route for approval a request to hire someone who retired from a SURS employer)

Retiree Rehire Job Aid (PDF)

Salary Planner

Salary Planner (an interface for completing Annual Salary Changes for Budgeted Employees)

Salary Planner Training Manual (PDF)
Academic Employee Transactions, contact Doug Lamb,
Civil Service Employee Transactions, contact

Tracker Electronic I-9

Tracker Electronic I-9 (a system for processing and storage of federal Form I-9, including E-Verify when appropriate.) Access to the Tracker system will not be granted until completed training of both courses is recorded. (Important: You must click the "Complete Course" button at the end of each training course in order for your training to be recorded.)

Form I-9: The Basics (online training) - The first of two required courses for designation as a Unit I-9 Manager; covers fundamental I-9 principles, including purpose, timing, and how to complete each section.

I-9 Tracker Procedures (online training) - The second of two required courses for designation as a Unit I-9 Manager; covers use of the Tracker I-9 system, including components of Tracker dashboard and navigation, methods to initiate an I-9, completing each section, and exmaples.

I-9 Job Aids (this secured page requires that you have HR access)

Tracker I-9 Upgrade Nov 2017

Tracker Upgrade Quick Guide Nov 2017

System HR Services/My UI Info enables University employees to securely view and update their personal and employment information as well as find information on benefits, policies, earning statements, and notifications of appointments.
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