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The user guides for employees compliment the recorded training for employees to utilize the VSL Application.

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Employee Frequently Asked Questions
Overtime Exempt Civil Service Leave Frequently Asked Questions (Click here for a PDF version)

How do I access the VSL application? 

Logging In
Users access the application through the my.dot portal (https://my.yourportal.illinois.edu, replacing the “yourportal” with department/unit portal information, for example:  https://my.engr.illinois.edu.

Users access the application by clicking on the Vacation/Sick Leave Reporting link under the HR dropdown and log in with their NetID and Active Directory password.

If there is not a link listed under the HR dropdown, users may go directly to the application by typing the following URL into a browser http://my.yourportal.illinois.edu/vacation, replacing “yourportal” with the department/unit portal information, example:  https://my.engr.illinois.edu/vacation.

If a permission denied error is received, employees should contact the unit HR contact for assistance.

Why is the University making this change?
The University of Illinois System has made this change to standardize vacation and sick leave accrual and usage for all overtime exempt employees. Additionally, removing the need for a large number of employees to submit a timesheet that must be approved every two weeks is a significant reduction in administrative tasks, which frees that time for other work. 

Is the amount of vacation I earn changing?
No, accruals are still based on your appointment status and years of service per Schedule B, found in Policy and Rules for Civil Service Staff, Policy 7, Rule 7.01

Is the amount of sick leave I earn changing?
There is no change to the cumulative sick leave accrual, that continues per Policy 10, Rule 10.1  in Policy and Rules for Civil Service Staff. 

However, for the first time, overtime exempt civil service staff will also have available 13 non-cumulative sick days if the current leave year’s accrued cumulative sick days have been exhausted.

What is a leave year?
The leave year is the 12-month period in which leave is accrued and used. For overtime exempt civil service employees, the leave year will begin with BW19 of each year, through BW18 of the next calendar year. (Essentially August to August or the academic year).

How will I record my leave usage?
The University of Illinois Urbana Champaign adopted a single Vacation and Sick Leave (VSL) reporting application for use by all overtime exempt employees, both civil service and academic. This application was developed and is housed by The Grainger College of Engineering (GCOE). 

All of your leave usage reporting will now take place via the Vacation and Sick Leave reporting application.

How will I submit my timesheet?
You will no longer submit a timesheet each pay period. As a salaried employee not eligible for overtime, your pay will be paid each pay period as usual. The obligation to complete Positive Time Reporting as required by the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act is unchanged. 

If my balances are not on my earnings statement each pay period, how will I know what my balances are?
The VSL Application will have your beginning of year balance, accruals, and usage totals, all accessible in real time. Additionally, the system will show projected accruals and balances through the end of the leave year, based on entered usage.  

Any unused vacation beyond the maximum allowable at the end of the leave year will not carry over.

Will my pay change?
No, as a salaried employee not eligible for overtime, your pay will be paid each pay period as usual.

Will I still need to use time each pay period in order to avoid maxing out on my accruals?
No, with this change, you may use time before it is accrued, however, it will be important to manage your time and plan accordingly throughout the year. 

The VSL application will allow you to view proposed accruals in the future. It is important to remember that if you separate from the university, you will be required to pay back any time used beyond accruals based on your actual service dates. And, per standard CMS rules, vacation time may not be used to extend a separation date.