Leave Reporting

Unit HR Contact Training

The Exempt-CS HR User Guide compliments the recorded training for HR unit contacts to utilize the VSL Application for Exempt-CS employees. Due to the length of time the VSL Application has been used for academic employees there is not a recorded training. However, the Academic HR User Guide has been recently updated.

Exempt-CS Recorded HR Training: https://mediaspace.illinois.edu/media/t/1_uhj4ee7r

Exempt-CS HR User Guide

Academic HR User Guide

Unit HR Contact Job Aids

It is critical for unit HR contacts to understand that Banner/PEALEAV is the system of record for leave accruals and balances. The VSL Application is the tool by which employees report their leave. Therefore, it is imperative that unit HR contacts ensure accruals and balances are updated and maintained in a timely manner at the time of hire, when job record changes are made and during May and August annual reporting.

The following job aids should be used by a unit HR contact when an e-class change occurs or when an employee is transferring between units.

Employee class change and balance conversion within the same unit
VSL Balance Conversion-AP to CS-Exempt-Within Unit Checklist
VSL Balance Conversion-CS-Exempt to AP-Within Unit Checklist

Employee class change and balance conversion between units
VSL Balance Conversion-CS-Exempt to AP-Between Units Checklist
VSL Balance Conversion-AP to CS-Exempt Between Units Checklist

Transferring between units within the same e-class
VSL- Transferring Academic Employees Between Units Checklist
VSL-CS-Transferring Exempt Employees Between Units Checklist

Accrual Calculators

The following calculators may be used to:

1. Figure full reporting year accruals to confirm the VSL record is set up properly
2. Figure partial pay period accruals to ensure PEALEAV accruals are accurate when a new position misses calc and a pay adjustment is processed
3. Figure accruals for a partial reporting year when there is an e-class change

Civil Service Exempt-Partial Pay Period-Partial Year-Leave Accrual Calculator

Academic VSL-Partial Pay Period-Partial Year-Leave Accrual Calculator

University Leave Policy Information:


The following templates should be used by unit HR contacts to communicate information to employees and supervisors related to the VSL Application.

Templates for communicating VSL application information to new employees and supervisors will be forthcoming.

HR Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the VSL application? 

Logging In
Users access the application through the my.dot portal (https://my.yourportal.illinois.edu, replacing the “yourportal” with department/unit portal information, for example:  https://my.engr.illinois.edu.

Users access the application by clicking on the Vacation/Sick Leave Reporting link under the HR dropdown and log in with their NetID and Active Directory password.

If there is not a link listed under the HR dropdown, users may go directly to the application by typing the following URL into a browser http://my.yourportal.illinois.edu/vacation, replacing “yourportal” with the department/unit portal information, example:  https://my.engr.illinois.edu/vacation.

If a permission denied error is received, employees should contact the unit HR contact for assistance.

How do I update the frequency of supervisor reminders?
Please contact Engineering IT at engrit-apps@illinois.edu  

How do I add/remove HR contact administrative access?
Please contact Engineering IT at engrit-apps@illinois.edu

How do I request new collections for the Absence Graph?
Please contact Engineering IT at engrit-apps@illinois.edu

Where do I find training for the VSL application?
Click “HR Training/User Guides” on the IHR website

Who do I contact with questions regarding VSL functionality?
Please contact Engineering IT at engrit-apps@illinois.edu

Who do I contact for discrepancies in accruals, balances or for assistance and troubleshooting accrual calculators?
Please contact Brandi Pulleyblank, engrit-apps@illinois.edu

University Leave Policy Information Link