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Campus Holiday Schedule 2019 - 2020
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Chancellor’s Distinguished Staff Awards (CDSA)
Civil Service Employees and Dependents Scholarship Program Fund in Honor of Marjorie Beasley
Class Specifications (Civil Service)
Civil Service Employment Classifications
Determining Your SURS Retirement Plan
Division of Intercollegiate Athletics - Voluntary Separation Program (DIA-VSP)
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Employee Resources
Extra Help Payroll Calendar 2017
Extra Help Timesheets
Faculty/Staff Assistance Services
Faculty/Staff Assistance Services Return from Leave Checklist
Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms from the Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS)
Grad and GEO AY 2022/2023 Minimum Rates, 8/16/2022 (PDF)
Grad and GEO AY 2021/2022 Minimum Rates, 8/16/21 (PDF)
How to Apply to a Job on the (Step by Step Process)
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