Departmental Review

The purpose of the Departmental Review is to assist the unit in its efforts to evaluate the appropriateness of the staffing levels of the current or specific positions within the unit. Classification and Compensation will assign auditors to conduct the review, and a report will be submitted to the unit outlining/addressing specific areas in the unit's review, including appropriate recommended changes needed.

The request for a Departmental Review must be submitted by the unit head or a principal administrator within the unit to Robbie Witt, Deputy Director, at Upon receipt of the request, a meeting will be scheduled with the unit administration to determine the specific purpose for the review.

During the Departmental Review, auditors will conduct individual audit interviews with appropriate staff, evaluate unit and/or departmental work flow, review and analyze organizational structure, make note of and refer any Labor Relations issues, and conclude with a formal report/finding that will be submitted to unit head or a principal administrator.