Separating Employees


Processing the Transaction to Separate the Employee

The Exiting Employee's Home Unit should initiate a Separation transaction in the HR Front End (HRFE), indicating the Separation reason and the dates in which all jobs are to be ended. At that time, the Home Unit should also attach the employee's Resignation letter to the transaction (if applicable).

Once the employee's last regularly scheduled paycheck has been CALC'd and the HRFE transaction has been applied by Illinois HR, the Home Unit should return to the same HRFE transaction and complete the "Separation" tab of the transaction, which indicates whether or not a payout of Vacation or Compensable Sick Leave is due to the employee.

The preceding instruction doesn't apply to Extra Help, 9/9 Grads, Academic Hourlies, Grad Hourlies, Unpaid Academics, and 9/9 or <9mo Academics who are SURS ineligible and have no payable balances in PEALEAV.

Academic Employees
Separation Transactions in the HR Front End

Civil Service Employees
Separation Transactions in the HR Front End

Procedures for Deceased Employees