Leave Reporting

Illinois Human Resources is pleased to share important changes for overtime-exempt civil service employees effective August 22, 2021, as communicated earlier this year. These changes were developed to standardize accrual, usage, and recording of vacation and sick leave for all employees who are ineligible for overtime.

The Vacation & Sick Leave (VSL) application will now be used to manage University leave benefits for academic and exempt civil service employees. The primary functions are tracking the request/approval process and maintaining vacation and sick leave balance information.

The information on this site will assist both civil service and academic employees with the VSL application leave reporting process, as well as unit HR contacts with annual leave processing and reporting requirements.

It is critical for unit HR contacts to understand that Banner/PEALEAV is the system of record for leave accruals and balances. The VSL Application is the tool by which employees report their leave. Therefore, it is imperative that unit HR contacts ensure accruals and balances are updated and maintained in a timely manner at the time of hire, when job record changes are made and during May and August annual reporting.