Classification Revisions

As part of the ongoing maintenance of written specifications and examination materials for each class title in the classification plan, the State Universities Civil Service System (SUCSS) routinely makes revisions and changes as appropriate and necessary.  In general, proposed classification plan revisions are initiated by the System Office; however, employers or other groups can also formally submit a proposal to revise the classification plan.

Multiple sections of Staff Human Resources, including Classification & Compensation as well as Employment & Testing, represent the Urbana campus during the classification revision process.  Principal administrators desiring to initiate or submit a formal proposal for a classification specification/examination revision shall first contact Robbie Witt, Deputy Director, at

During a proposed classification plan revision, universities that utilize the classification will participate in the standard review and assessment process, submitting feedback and recommendations to SUCSS.  Depending on the revisions being proposed, Staff HR may notify units with employees in the affected classifications and request the assistance of units' staff in reviewing and proposing written revisions to the class specification and exams.

Staff HR serves as a liaison between the System Office, units, and their representatives, submitting recommendations to the state-wide System that represent a consensus for the campus.  Staff HR provides ongoing updates to involved units and notifies those units or employees when the final changes become effective.

Visit the SUCSS website to view current Class Specifications and Classification Plan Updates for classifications scheduled for proposed revisions.

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